About Julienne

My name is actually Silke, not Julienne. I’m from Belgium, but I simply adore the French language and culture and cuisine… Julienne is a French culinary term for a cutting technique in which the food is cut into long, thin pieces (something like matchsticks)

I’m a graduated dietitian and nutritionist, but at the moment I’m working in the food industry, as a technical sales assistant.
My dream is opening up a little coffee and tea house. I would serve breakfasts, light lunches and all sorts of pies, pastries and cookies of course!

I live in Ghent, a beautiful medieval town in Belgium, with my boyfriend Jeroen.

I love food, cooking and eating. My mom is a chef, so I think it’s in my genes…
Each Sunday, I decide what’s on the menu for the coming 7 days. That’s one of my favourite moments of the week (next to doing the grocery shopping, cooking the food and eating it of course!).

On this blog, I’m hoping to share some recipes and menu plans. These won’t include any meat or fish since I’m a vegetarian. I also try to eat as plant-based as possible, but I looooove cheese, so that’ll still be present in my recipes.


2 Reacties to “About Julienne”

  1. Tall and tiny oktober 29, 2012 bij 6:54 pm #

    This blog is such a great concept! I (tiny, of tall and tiny) was brought here by my niece Sarah. I’m a vegetarian too and often can’t think of anything to cook, and she told me to check out your blog. There are some wonderful recipes here, which I will try for sure! And when I do, I’ll let you know what I think. 😉
    X Jade

  2. Irene december 5, 2012 bij 8:58 pm #

    Glad to find another fellow blogger who shares the same dream. I would love to have my own French cafe one day too 🙂 Glad I found your blog!

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